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ML Kwarta Padala: Empowering Filipinos with Fast, Efficient, and Affordable Remittance Service!

ML Kwarta Padala

ML Kwarta Padala is a renowned remittance service by M Lhuillier that has earned the trust of millions of Filipinos, both domestic and abroad. Committed to providing top-notch service to meet the diverse financial requirements of Filipino families.

With a network of over 3,000 branches in the Philippines and partnerships with robust international remittance providers, ML Kwarta Padala stands out as a reliable and convenient choice for Filipinos to send and receive money, pay bills, and access financial services.

Domestic Remittance: Bringing Families Closer
ML Kwarta Padala's domestic remittance service allows local customers to send and receive money at any of the 3,000 M Lhuillier branches spread across the Philippines. This expansive network, further bolstered by strategic partnerships, ensures that sending and receiving money is both accessible and convenient. This service helps Filipinos stay connected with their loved ones, especially those in remote areas and offers a secure and efficient means of financial support.

International Remittance: Bridging Borders Seamlessly
For Filipinos abroad who wish to support their families back home, ML Kwarta Padala offers an international money remittance service. Customers can send money from anywhere in the world through ML's network of international partners. These partners, numbering close to a hundred, make international transactions quick and straightforward. While recipients can claim the money in Philippine pesos or US dollars, depending on the sender's preference. This international remittance service is a lifeline for many families who rely on remittances from their loved ones working abroad.

Bills Payment: Simplifying Financial Responsibilities
ML Kwarta Padala's Bills Payment Service provides customers with a convenient way to pay bills at any M Lhuillier branch nationwide. Whether it's utility bills, insurance premiums, airline bookings, tuition fees, loan payments, or online purchases, the service offers a fast and easy bill payment facility powered by robust information-technology-based infrastructure. With ML's one-stop-shop approach, customers can manage their financial obligations without the need to visit different payment centers, saving them time and effort.

Payment Solutions Service: Corporate Financial Transactions Made Easy
The Payment Solutions service empowers corporate clients to efficiently disburse funds for various purposes, such as employee salaries, commissions, loan disbursements to borrowers, and government agencies, including the Department of Agriculture (DA), Department of Labor (DOLE), Social Security System (SSS), and Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) for cash assistance to their members or beneficiaries. Recipients can easily access their funds at any ML branch by presenting their KPTN (Kwarta Padala Transaction Number) or Reference Number, along with valid identification. This simple process ensures that the right person receives the money they're entitled to conveniently and securely.

Kwarta Padala to Account Service: Seamless Banking Connection
The Kwarta Padala to Account service (KP2A) streamlines the process of sending money from any ML branch directly to customers' bank accounts. At present, this service is accessible for Metrobank, Chinabank, BPI, and Security Bank accounts. Furthermore, KP2A, in partnership with Security Bank, allows customers to make deposits into accounts at other banks, as long as these banks are members of Instapay and Pesonet, with plans for further expansion to include additional banks soon. This service significantly enriches financial accessibility and flexibility for M Lhuillier valued customers.

Account to KPadala Service: Simplifying Bank-to-Cash Transactions
The Account to KPadala (A2KP) service offers an easy way for bank account holders to transfer money from their accounts for pick-up by their designated recipients at any M lhuillier branch nationwide. Receivers can conveniently claim the money at any branch by just presenting the Reference Number and a valid ID. This service is currently available for BPI account holders (BPI to Cash). M Lhuillier plans to expand its reach by including other partner banks in the near future. This will significantly broaden the accessibility of A2KP, making it a more inclusive solution for a broader range of bank account holders.

POS Solutions Service: Simplified Cash Withdrawals
The Point of Sale (POS) Solutions Service offers customers a hassle-free method to access cash from their bank accounts. By swiping their ATM Card, Debit Card, or Cash Card at selected M Lhuillier branches nationwide, customers can make withdrawals with ease. This service accommodates domestic ATM/Debit Cards from all banks, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of customers. Withdrawals are processed in Philippine Peso, providing a convenient way for customers to access their funds.

ML K Padala Plus Service: Expanding Beyond Financial Transactions
ML K Padala Plus extends its offerings beyond conventional monetary remittances, allowing customers to dispatch items or documents to their designated recipients. This service is beneficial for streamlining the loan application process for lending companies. Customers can conveniently visit any ML branch nationwide to submit items or documents intended for their recipients, broadening the spectrum of services offered by ML Kwarta Padala.

ML ePay Service: Convenient Online Payments
ML ePay Service simplifies online purchases for customers who may not have access to credit cards. By visiting any M Lhuillier branch nationwide, customers can pay for their online purchases, with the added benefit of merchants receiving immediate payment, speeding up order processing. This service enhances convenience for online shoppers and supports e-commerce businesses.

ML Kwarta Padala is more than just a remittance service; it is a lifeline for millions of Filipinos, connecting families, supporting celebrations, enabling memories, and providing financial assistance. With an extensive branch network, international partnerships, and a commitment to efficiency and reliability, ML Kwarta Padala stands out as a leader in the remittance and financial services industry. 

Its diverse range of services, from domestic and international remittances to bill payment and payment solutions, demonstrates its dedication to serving the financial needs of Filipinos both locally and globally. ML Kwarta Padala is more than just a remittance service; it is a symbol of empowerment, connecting people with their dreams and aspirations.
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