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M Lhuillier Insurance: A Smarter Way to Get Insured!

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M Lhuillier ML Insurance

Securing insurance can be a complex process with occasionally inflexible frameworks. MLhuillier, a well-known and reputable company in the financial services industry, provides straightforward ML Insurance services covering a range of life and non-life insurance options tailored for Filipinos.

M Lhuillier General Insurance Agency, Inc., serves as the facilitator for the company's diverse life and non-life insurance offerings in collaboration with partners, including:

AIA Philippines
Paramount Life & General Insurance Corp.
MAA General Assurance Philippines, Inc.
PhilLife Financials

A range of insurance products is accessible at all M Lhuillier branches nationwide. M Lhuillier has expanded its offerings with a range of insurance plans, including Pinoy Protect Plus, Family Protect Plus, Pawners Protect, Family Protect, and Kwarta Padala Protect. While insurance remains at the core of its business, MLhuillier has ventured into diverse products and services, showcasing its versatility in the financial industry.

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Beyond insurance, the company has extended its reach into telecommunications, food products, and ticketing services, demonstrating a commitment to providing a comprehensive suite of solutions to meet the evolving needs of its Filipino customers.

Here's the range of ML Insurance products accessible at all M Lhuillier branches nationwide:

Personal Accident Insurance
Personal Accident Insurance is designed to provide financial security in unforeseen circumstances. With options like Pawners Protect, Kwarta Padala Protect, Family Protect, Pinoy Protect Plus, and Family Protect Plus, individuals can choose coverage for as low as ₱5, which aligns with their preferences and budgets. From accidental death to motorcycle coverage, the plans offer a range of benefits, ensuring peace of mind for policyholders.

CTPL (Compulsory Third Party Liability) Insurance
M Lhuillier provides CTPL (Compulsory Third Party Liability) Insurance for vehicle owners, starting at just ₱296. This insurance covers a range of vehicle classes, including motorcycles, private cars, and commercial vehicles. With affordable annual premiums, CTPL Insurance ensures compliance with legal requirements and offers financial protection in the event of unforeseen incidents on the road.

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Dengue RX
Recognizing the health concerns surrounding dengue, Dengue RX insurance provides coverage for both children and adults. With budget-friendly premiums starting at ₱150 annually, this insurance provides financial assistance for hospitalization expenses and additional benefits related to dengue.

Global Travel Protect Insurance
Travel the world worry-free with M Lhuillier's Global Travel Protect Insurance. This cashless travel insurance package, developed in collaboration with Ibero Assistencia of Spain, ensures comprehensive medical and travel assistance worldwide. Whether you opt for Domestic or International Travel Insurance, M Lhuillier has tailored plans for individuals, families, and even groups, ensuring a safety net no matter where your travels take you.

OFW Balik Manggagawa Insurance
In compliance with Republic Act 10022, M Lhuillier extends its support to overseas Filipino workers with the OFW Balik Manggagawa Insurance. This insurance covers returning OFWs, providing them with the required Certificate of Insurance, aligning with the benefits and requirements mandated under the mandatory insurance coverage.

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Medicare Plus Insurance
Medicare Plus Insurance offers two distinct plans: ER Guard and ER Guard Plus, with affordable premiums as low as ₱970. Both plans provide coverage for emergency treatment and care, outpatient emergency coverage, physician's services, and more. ER Guard Plus goes the extra mile, offering coverage for inpatient and outpatient emergency situations.

Mediphone Insurance
Experience 24-hour unlimited online medical consultation with Mediphone Insurance, with a premium of only ₱250 per year. This service allows clients to connect with a doctor and seek medical advice through telephone calls, messenger, or a mobile app, ensuring health guidance is just a call away. This service can also be conveniently bundled with Personal Accident Insurance worth ₱25,000 for added protection.

M Lhuillier goes beyond insurance, expanding its offerings to include sea and air tickets to meet the travel requirements of Filipinos. Through partnerships with different airlines, shipping lines, and bus services, M Lhuillier ensures easy access to travel tickets, providing a seamless journey experience for its customers.

In addition to insurance and travel services, M Lhuillier distinguishes itself in the merchandise industry. The company's subsidiary, M Lhuillier Food Products, Inc., produces a variety of dried fruits, including mango, pineapple, mango-tamarind, jackfruit, coconut, and mixed fruits. Moreover, M Lhuillier provides Mont St. Michel Purified Drinking Water in various sizes.

Get insured today with ML Insurance, visit https://mlhuillier.com/insurance/ for more details of MLhuillier ML Insurance services.

M Lhuillier's commitment to providing a suite of services shines through its diverse insurance options, travel services, and quality merchandise. Unlock peace of mind with ML Insurance, where protection meets convenience and journeys are made memorable.
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