Breaking News Launches AI-Powered App for Sharing and Expanding Your Legacy

riliai-launches-ai-powered-app launched its AI-powered app, which aims to transform how people connect and communicate in today's digital era. With features like voice cloning and lip-syncing, users can create their own digital twin, known as Rili, and engage with others seamlessly.

The app allows users to develop their Rili by providing content in over 100 languages, breaking language barriers, and promoting global friendships. Whether users want to expand their knowledge, learn from others, or engage in meaningful conversations, facilitates these interactions effortlessly.

To train Rili, users can share information via chat (text or voice messages) or by using a microphone. Additionally, users can integrate their digital footprint from platforms like Twitch, X, and YouTube into their Rili profiles, allowing to gather personalized information from their public profiles.

The app has many features to make digital interactions better. The explore feature helps users find their favorite Rili users and meet others with similar interests, building connections in a virtual community. Users can customize their profiles to show their personalities and interests.

The chat lets users start conversations with other "Rilis" and see their past chats easily, making interaction smooth and engaging. Other features include making favorite Rili lists, rating conversations, liking messages or phrases, and sharing messages through different channels.

Rili helps users connect deeply with others, learning about their perspectives, experiences, and expertise. It breaks geographical and time barriers for meaningful connections. With its advanced capabilities, Rili also helps preserve digital memories, stories, and experiences for the future.

The Rili alpha version is already live for anyone interested in joining the community. You can sign up for the white list and will be notified once you have access to create your own Rili. The app is available for iOS and Android.
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