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MG Philippines Unveils IM LS7 Electric Crossover SUV!

IM LS7 Electric Crossover SUV

MG Philippines unveiled the IM LS7 at the recent Manila International Auto Show (MIAS). It's a luxury electric crossover SUV that promises a smooth ride. The LS7 caters to those who appreciate the blend of a spacious vehicle with modern features.
IM LS7 Electric Crossover SUV
“The LS7 will enter the Philippine market very soon and set a new benchmark in the segment, and we’re excited that we can talk about the manifestation of our ambition to embrace the new track of intelligent electrification,” said Felix Jiang, MG Philippines president.
Powerful Performance: With a maximum power of 425kW and peak torque of 725Nm, the LS7 goes from 0 to 100 kph in just 4.5 seconds. Its electric battery allows for a range of up to 530km on a full charge, and you can extend this range with a single touch using Super-Eco Mode.

Advanced Chassis: The LS7 features top-tier components sourced from leading global suppliers. From advanced air suspension by Continental to damping control by Bilstein and high-performance EV tires by Michelin, every detail is engineered for exceptional performance.

IM LS7 Electric Crossover SUV

Eye-Catching Design: The LS7's crossover SUV design is both striking and practical, with dimensions that make it a versatile all-rounder. The Starfall front windshield offers a panoramic view, while automatic power doors and double-layer laminated glass windows enhance comfort and insulation.

Futuristic Interior: Inside, the LS7 boasts a 42-inch triple screen, Zero Gravity Seats with massage and ventilation functions, and a 24-speaker sound system for an immersive experience. It also features innovative air purification technology for clean, fresh cabin air.

Intelligent Driving: Equipped with advanced driving assistance systems and AI-powered safety features, the LS7 offers a highly intelligent driving experience. Its Evolvable Intelligent Driving Assistance System, combined with state-of-the-art sensors and the NVIDIA Orin X chip, ensures smooth navigation and safety in various driving scenarios.

Top-Notch Safety: Built with high-grade materials and a robust cage structure, the LS7 prioritizes safety. It includes seven airbags and innovative features like Rainy Night Mode, which enhances visibility in challenging conditions.

The IM LS7 is now available for pre-orders, offering a prime combination of performance, technology, and safety for those ready to embrace the electric future of driving.
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