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TP-Link Launches Wi-Fi 7 Devices in the Philippines


TP-Link launches Wi-Fi 7 in the Philippines with its latest lineup of products, including routers optimized for Wi-Fi 7 technology and Tapo smart home devices. This new technology promises faster speeds and reduced latency, revolutionizing the way Filipinos experience wireless connectivity.

L-R: Laviet Joaquin - Marketing Manager of TP-Link Philippines, Ben Chen - Country Manager of TP-Link Philippines, Brian Dong - Vice President of TP-Link Asia Pacific, Jimmy Gu - Product Manager of TP-Link Philippines, Joseph Chua - Head of Retail Sales of TP-Link Philippines

Wi-Fi 7 offers speeds 20% faster than previous generations, making streaming, downloading, and online gaming smoother and more enjoyable. TP-Link's Archer BE230, the country's first Dual-Band Wi-Fi 7 Router, leads the charge in delivering cutting-edge connectivity solutions.

The TP-Link Archer BE230 router brings significant improvements in performance and user experience. With features like Multi-Link Operation (MLO) and Maximum Resource Utilization (MRU) technology, it optimizes network efficiency, reduces interference, and provides better coverage across larger areas.

In addition to speed and efficiency, TP-Link prioritizes security with enhanced encryption standards and defenses against emerging threats, ensuring a safe online experience for users.


Bringing Wi-Fi 7 to the Market with PLDT Home
Through partnerships with service providers PLDT Home, TP-Link continues to innovate and provide top-notch connectivity solutions to Filipino households. The Archer BE230 Wi-Fi 7 router is set to empower users with unparalleled internet speeds and bandwidth capabilities, supporting their digital lifestyles.

Alongside the Wi-Fi 7 routers, TP-Link introduces a new lineup of Tapo smart home products designed to complement this advanced technology.

TP-Link's Wi-Fi 7 product lineup:

Router: Archer BE230
Price: ₱5,990
Availability: Starting April 26 at TP-Link's Shopee Official Store and selected retailers

Router: Archer BE400
Availability: Coming in Q3 2024

Mesh System: DECO BE25
2-pack: ₱13,990
3-pack: ₱19,990
Availability: June 2024

Range Extender: RE235BE
Price: ₱4,990
Availability: June 2024

Adapter: Archer TBE400UH
Price: ₱3,190
Availability: July 2024

TP-Link's Wi-Fi 7 products are now available on TP-Link's Shopee Official Store and selected retailers. Visit their Concept Store at SM North Edsa, selected retail partners, or their official Shopee store to buy Archer BE230 and start your Wi-Fi 7 journey today!
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