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realme CEO Sky Li Announces GT Series Comeback

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realme CEO Sky Li Announces GT Series

Sky Li, the founder and CEO of realme, announces that the brand is re-entering the high-end market with the return of its GT series. After a two-year break, realme is determined to excel with its flagship products.

In the Forbes interview, Sky Li expressed confidence in the GT series making a significant impact on the high-end market. He emphasized realme's understanding of young consumers and promised that the upcoming realme GT 6 would surpass performance expectations. The decision to bring back the GT series is driven by strong global demand from realme users, highlighting the company's commitment to meeting their needs.

realme aims to compete fearlessly in the crowded flagship smartphone market. The brand plans to build on its existing strengths in performance and make significant advancements in AI technology. Given the consistent success of realme's number series, the return of the GT series is expected to resonate well with young consumers.

New Flagship Killer
The realme GT 5G, launched in India on August 18, 2021, marked the debut of the GT Series and earned the title "Flagship Killer 2021" from various media sources. The highly anticipated GT 6 is set to outperform its predecessors, bringing new energy to the market. 

Equipped with the latest technology, the GT series aims to break performance barriers. The new realme GT series will combine advanced AI experiences and technology, positioning itself as the "New Flagship Killer Powered by AI."

realme: The AI Popularizer
AI is set to transform the mobile phone industry and reshape the tech landscape. As the AIGC era begins, AI-enabled smartphones are expected to drive market growth. Sky Li noted in Forbes that future industry competition will involve hardware, software, and overall technological capabilities, with AI imaging, voice, and interaction being key trends.

realme is taking advantage of this era by investing in AI innovation and positioning itself as an AI popularizer. With its latest releases, realme aims to be among the leading brands to fully integrate cutting-edge AI technology into smartphones, focusing on enhancements in imaging and daily tasks.

realme is committed to a user-centric approach, empowering young consumers with accessible AI solutions. The brand's future direction will focus on addressing the needs of the young generation, creating AI functionalities tailored to their preferences and lifestyles.
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