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realme Smart Cam 360° Review

realme Smart Cam 360°

realme is expanding its portfolio in the Philippines with the introduction of its latest Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) devices, including the realme Smart Cam 360°, a smart security camera for the home.

realme Smart Cam 360°

The realme Smart Cam 360° is a home CCTV system; it's a cost-effective method to add protection to your home. The guys at realme Philippines were generous enough to send us one, and this is our first impression of the new AIoT gadget.

Well just like any realme product it comes in a cute yellow box. With the actual image at the front and technical details at the box.

realme Smart Cam 360°

In addition to the realme Smart Cam 360, the box includes a few cute stickers, a micro USB cable, a wall charger, screws, and some paper materials.

Design and Build quality
I was expecting it to be a large device but I was surprised by its small compact size, it’s almost the same size as a coffee mug. It comes in white color with an attractive design.

realme Smart Cam 360°

It has a spherical camera body with a mechanical gimbal that is used for 360-degree omnidirectional rotation. It has a polycarbonate body and the camera is inside a protective globe.

realme Smart Cam 360°

At the back is the speaker grille. Just below the lens is the microSD card slot that supports up to 128GB capacity, not really an ideal location for it.

realme Smart Cam 360°

The bottom base is the micro-USB port for power and the reset button. It does look sturdy and has solid built quality.

Setup and Installation
This device is easy to setup out of the box, anyone can do it. The flat base has rubber grips it can be placed on any flat surface and it will stay firm, it can also be mounted on the ceiling using the included screws if you prefer such a setup. Make sure you placed it near a wall power outlet since it comes with a standard length USB cable, or get an extension cable if you need a longer cable to reach the power outlet.

realme Smart Cam 360°

Once the Smart Cam 360° is securely placed, You just need to plug the micro-USB cable at the bottom and plug into the power source, good thing it uses a standard micro-USB cable and I was able to use it my other longer cable. The disadvantage is there is no super long micro-USB cable available in local hardware, it could have been better if realme uses a standard power cable.

realme Smart Cam 360°

The LED light indicator lights up red with a distinct sound meaning it’s ready to be paired. Now all I needed it to download the realme app and simply create an account, following the instructions on how to pair. Once paired, the LED light will light up steadily blue, meaning it’s now working properly. The Setup takes about 60 seconds to finish, you can also register the device, also it will prompt you if there is an available firmware update, so just go ahead and do so.

realme Smart Cam 360°

Note: You need to activate Bluetooth and the Location (GPS) of your smartphone in order to properly pair the smart cam on your smartphone, you will also need a stable wireless internet connection.

Camera Features
The Smart Cam 360° features SD or 1080p video recording, with AI motion detection, it has 360° panoramic vision hence as the name Smart Cam 360° it can rotate 360° in all directions with super low noise. It also has infrared night vision and voice talkback capability. It can also send alerts to your smartphone when motion is detected.

realme Smart Cam 360°

The Smart Cam 360° records at 1080p WDR video, which allows a wider dynamic range it also has a 3D noise-reducing algorithm that can reduce the noise on recorded video, and improve the quality. The video and image quality is better compared to the standard CCTV camera, and the Full HD resolution gives good details and sharpness. It also has night vision with a 940nm Infrared illuminator that activates when it’s dark and the footage is actually impressive since you can still get some detailed events in pitch darkness.

AI Motion Detection is one of its cool features as it automatically records when motion is detected within its reach. You can also allow the Smart Cam 360 to follow the source of that motion and send a notification on your smartphone whenever it detects something. The control is easy to use, you rotate and pan the camera using the d-pad control on the app to get a 360° view of your home.

Its other features are the two-way audio support with this you can make conversation using your smartphone no matter where you are. You also use this function to scare a thief when someone broke into your house and alerts the police which is a great feature for a security camera.

The 128GB microSD card is plenty of storage for 14 days of non-stop recording, for privacy, it can be encrypted with AES/TLS 1.2 so need to worry about storage security. Also, the app lets you conveniently export the selected recorded video on your smartphone.

1. Solid build quality and appealing design
2. Good camera output
3. Impressive night vision mode
4. Fast and accurate motion detection

It uses a micro-USB port instead of standard power input

If you are looking for an easy to use smart CCTV for your home the realme Smart Cam 360° is a great device to keep your home protected and it comes at a very affordable price of P2,790 only. The idea that you can monitor your house anytime or anywhere as long as there is an internet connection will give you peace of mind knowing everything at home is in-place and safe.
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