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VST ECS Tech Summit 2021 - The FUTURE Series

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VST ECS Tech Summit 2021

IT Industry has been thrust into the spotlight as a result of the pandemic. It's the ultimate test of a company's resiliency. VST ECS Tech Summit 2021 is a relevant venue for its partners to be abreast with technology trends, industry practices, and best of breed ICT solutions.

The VST ECS Tech Summit 2021 is a week-long virtual event that covers a wide range of ICT subjects, including industry best practices, backup solutions, security challenges and preventions, asset management, and much more.

The massive shift to operate businesses online and to support the growing number of remote workers has put tremendous pressure on an organization’s digital infrastructure. While this pandemic has accelerated digital transformation, it has also caused an explosion in cyber risks.

The Day 2 Tech Summit sessions look into how the pandemic ushered in a new era of cybersecurity threats, guide participants on new approaches of threat detection and response using advanced technologies. Topics we're presented by Cisco, VMware, Fortinet, Kaspersky, FireEye, IBM, Trend Micro, and MicroFocus.

VST ECS Tech Summit 2021

Cisco Meraki: SASE Convergence of Networking and Security in the Cloud - It's a presentation from Cisco Meraki highlighting SASE as a new architecture that combines networking and security in the cloud.

VST ECS Tech Summit 2021

VMWare Carbon Black: Stronger Protection with Intrinsic Security - A discussion on how to be proactive while embracing simplicity in the realm of security by Mr. Aris Coronel.

VST ECS Tech Summit 2021

Fortinet: AI-Driven Security Operations - More rapid threat Prevention, Detection and Response by Mr. Alex Adallom

VST ECS Tech Summit 2021

Kaspersky: Beef Up Your Cybersecurity Posture - Ms. Chow Lai Leng talks about why we businesses need to invest and improved cybersecurity with 24/7 proactive systems.

VST ECS Tech Summit 2021

FireEye: The Perfect Cyber Security Storm of 2020 - Your guide on how to survive Cybersecurity Storm by Mr. Anping Kwee.

VST ECS Tech Summit 2021

IBM: Keeping Up with the Evolving Nature Cyberthreats - Mr. Rajesh Baronia shared how to keep up with the evolving nature of cyberthreats.

VST ECS Tech Summit 2021

Trend Micro: See More, Respond Faster with Trend Micro Vision One - Everyone needs a solution with protection and detection through visibility because you can't protect what you can't see, according to Ms. Jessica Bernardo who shared how to respond faster through seeing more.

VST ECS Tech Summit 2021

Micro Focus: Resilience in the New Normal - How to strengthen cyber resilience to intelligently adopt security by leveraging automation, machine learning, and IA. by Mr. Joseph Delgado.

Watch the full video of the Tech Summit Day 2 Sessions below

VSTECS Phils., Inc. is one of the leading ICT distributors in the country. They help organizations and individuals benefit from advances in information and communications technology through the availability of products, solutions, and services.

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