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realme Pad 2 Hands-on Review: Elevating Productivity with a Dazzling 2K Display!

realme Pad 2

realme's latest tablet, the realme Pad 2, is designed for entertainment and productivity. Boasting a 2K display, a capable processor, a large battery, seamless wireless connectivity options, and an affordable price in the tablet segment.

realme Pad 2

We had the opportunity to try out the realme Pad 2, and in this review, we look at the key features of this tablet that might make it a good choice for your next gadget purchase.

realme Pad 2

realme Pad 2 Specs

realme UI 4.0 for Pad based on Android 13
11.5-inch IPS 2K display, 2000 x 1200 pixel resolution, 203ppi
40Hz/60Hz/120Hz variable refresh rate
DC Dimming, O1 Ultra Vision Engine
2.2GHz MediaTek Helio G99 octa-core processor
Mali-G57 MC2 GPU
8GB RAM + up to 8GB Virtual RAM Expansion
256GB internal storage, expandable via microSD
8MP rear camera
5MP front camera
Side-mounted fingerprint scanner
Quad speakers, Dolby Atmos, Hi-Res audio
Single Nano SIM
USB Type-C
8,360mAh battery, 33W SuperVOOC charging
Colors: Inspirational Green, Inspirational Gray

Design and Built Quality
The design and build quality of the realme Pad 2 reflect a balance between aesthetics and functionality. The tablet has a sleek and slim profile, making it easy to hold. The metallic build feels premium, providing a sturdy and reliable feel. It's only 7.2mm thick, making it easy to slip on a bag to carry anywhere.

realme Pad 2

The smooth finish not only contributes to the device's aesthetic appeal but also ensures a comfortable user experience. Positioned discreetly in one corner of the tablet is a single 8-megapixel AI camera.

realme Pad 2

The Pad 2 is available in two eye-catching colors: Inspirational Green and Imagination Grey. While both colors are appealing, the Inspirational Green version stands out as particularly stunning.

realme Pad 2

The power button and volume rocker are strategically positioned for convenient and easy access. Additionally, the tablet is equipped with Dolby Atmos quad speakers, delivering an immersive audio experience. It also features two microphones with dual-microphone noise cancellation, enhancing the clarity of audio input.

realme Pad 2

Furthermore, the Pad 2 comes with a Type-C port and a SIM slot supporting one 4G nano SIM and a microSD card slot, providing the flexibility for users to expand storage if needed. This feature ensures convenience and adaptability for users requiring extra storage capacity.

The build quality of the tablet showcases attention to detail, ensuring not only a premium appearance but also durability to withstand daily use. The realme Pad 2 strikes an ideal balance between form and functionality, making it versatile for both work and entertainment.

Display, Audio, and Entertainment
The 11.5-inch 2K display is a standout feature of this tablet, offering vibrant colors and a high 120Hz refresh rate. This makes for a visually stunning experience, whether you're binge-watching your favorite videos, browsing social media, or indulging in an e-book.

realme Pad 2

The slim bezels provide an immersive viewing experience, and the addition of DC Dimming and O1 Ultra Vision Engine further enhances the overall display quality. With a Sunlight Mode Brightness of 450 nits (Peak Brightness) and an impressive 85.2% screen-to-body ratio, the tablet ensures a bright and clear visual experience.

While the Realme Pad 2 provides pleasant viewing angles, it presents a slight challenge in terms of readability outdoors, particularly under bright sunlight.

realme Pad 2

The Pad 2 Quad Speaker setup, enhanced by Dolby Atmos, delivers crystal-clear sound, providing users with an immersive audio experience. Whether it's movies, music, or gaming, the Pad 2 excels at delivering high-quality audio, enhancing the overall entertainment experience.

realme Pad 2

From personal experience, pairing the Pad 2 with the realme Buds Air 3 enhances the audio experience while watching shows or diving into gaming sessions. The seamless connection and crystal-clear sound offer an enjoyable experience.

Taking the setup a step further, integrating the realme 11 Pro has proven to be the perfect companion for on-the-go productivity. The tablet and smartphone combination has become my go-to solution for getting things done efficiently, providing a cohesive ecosystem that caters to both entertainment and productivity needs.

Powerful Performance
Under the hood, this tablet uses a MediaTek Helio G99 chipset and a Mali-G57 MC2 GPU for graphics. It boasts a total of 16GB of RAM (8GB of RAM plus 8GB of virtual RAM expansion). It also offers ample storage, with 256GB internally, expandable using the microSD card slot. This powerful combination guarantees smooth multitasking, quick app launches, and a seamless experience for both work and play.

realme Pad 2

This tablet aims to deliver an immersive gaming experience across various genres. In racing games like Asphalt 9: Legends, the tablet excels at delivering a great gaming experience. With smooth graphics rendering and responsive controls, the Pad 2 ensures engaging and immersive racing adventures. Its powerful hardware minimizes lag and ensures quick response times, enhancing the overall enjoyment of gameplay sessions.

realme Pad 2
Benchmark Performance of realme Pad 2

Transitioning to shooting games such as Call of Duty: Mobile, which offers sharp graphics and seamless gameplay, the tablet's ample RAM ensures that intense shooting scenarios unfold without compromise, offering an enhanced gaming experience.

While heavy graphics games like "Genshin Impact" or "PUBG Mobile" have commendable efficiency, this tablet offers great visuals and smooth gameplay, even in demanding scenarios.

realme Pad 2

For casual gaming experiences, titles like Fall Guys or 8 Ball Pool run effortlessly on this tablet. The tablet's optimized performance and responsive touch controls create a stress-free gaming environment, catering to casual gamers of all ages.

realme UI 4.0 for Pad
This tablet runs on the latest version of realme UI 4.0 for Pad, a dynamic interface built upon the robust Android 13. The refined navigation system enhances the overall responsiveness of the Pad 2. It has smoother and more intuitive interaction, with multitasking capabilities that effortlessly allow switching between apps, providing a fluid and uninterrupted tablet experience.

realme Pad 2

The user interface has undergone a visual revamp, showcasing a blend of modern look and functionality. The fresh, vibrant colors and clean design language contribute to a visually pleasing and user-friendly environment.

With realme UI 4.0, it introduces productivity-centric features, making it an ideal companion for both work and leisure. The enhanced Muti-Screen feature, split-screen functionality, and improved task management facilitate efficient multitasking, allowing users to make the most of their tablet's capabilities.

Camera Performance
The Pad 2 is equipped with an 8-megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapixel front camera, and while these cameras offer basic photography capabilities, they may not meet the expectations of users looking for advanced imaging features.

realme Pad 2

The focus of the cameras on this tablet leans more towards functionality than delivering cutting-edge photography. The rear camera captures decent shots but might struggle in certain scenarios. Similarly, the 5MP front camera is suitable for basic selfies and adequate enough to use for video conference needs. The Pad 2 still serves the purpose of casual photography and video calls.

A notable feature of the Pad 2's main camera is its Text Scanner functionality. This feature allows users to capture images of text, like pages from a book or excerpts from a magazine. and intelligently identify, crop, and enhance the text for seamless reading experiences.

Battery Life
Equipped with an 8360mAh battery, the Pad 2 has an impressive standby time of up to 59 days, catering to occasional users, while the 17 hours of video playback, 190 hours of music streaming, and 24 hours of reading cater to various usage scenarios.

realme Pad 2

The Pad 2 really impresses with its battery performance, lasting a solid 25 hours and 43 minutes in our standard video test. It handles multimedia tasks efficiently.

In everyday use, whether you use a SIM card or not, this tablet effortlessly stretches its battery life, comfortably lasting around 2 days with heavy usage and an impressive 3 days with casual use. It comfortably lasts about 2 days with heavy use and an impressive 3 days with casual use. This makes it an excellent companion for people who are always on the go. Whether you're tackling demanding tasks or just doing your daily stuff, the tablet ensures a long-lasting battery on a single charge. It's a reliable choice for users with different needs.

Thanks to the fast 33W SUPERVOOC charging, our downtime for this tablet is kept to a minimum, ensuring a quick battery top-up. In just 50 minutes, it can charge the battery to 50%. What's more, the realme Pad 2 also supports reverse charging. If your smartphone is running low on power, you can conveniently use the realme Pad 2 with an OTG data cable to recharge it.

Impressive 11.5-inch, 2K display
Premium Built quality
Powerful Performance
Enhanced Audio Experience
Extended battery life
realme UI 4.0 with Android 13
Versatile Connectivity

Camera Performance
Weight and portability

The realme Pad 2 stands out as a versatile and powerful tablet, offering an impressive display, powerful performance, and an immersive audio experience. Its extended battery life, enhanced by fast charging, caters to users with varied usage patterns. The inclusion of innovative features in the realme IU 4.0 for Pad adds value to the tablet.

While the camera could see improvements, the realme Pad 2's strengths significantly outweigh its limitations. It presents a compelling option in the tablet market, especially for those looking for a feature-rich device at an affordable price point. Whether for entertainment, productivity, or reading, the Realme Pad 2 delivers a premium experience for diverse user needs.

The realme Pad 2 comes in two storage variants, the 6GB+128GB LTE variant is available for only ₱13,999, while the realme Pad 2 8GB+256GB LTE retails for only ₱17,999. It also comes in two colorways: Inspiration Green and Imagination Grey.
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