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SERES Auto and QSJ Motors PH Introduces Intelligent Luxury EVs

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SERES Auto and QSJ Motors Phils

SERES Auto, in collaboration with QSJ Motors Phils., Inc., launched its latest lineup of intelligent luxury electric vehicles (EVs) in the Philippines: the Seres 5, Seres 5 SF, and Seres 7.

SERES Auto and QSJ Motors PH

The partnership between SERES AUTO and QSJ Motors Phils., Inc. is a significant milestone for the Philippine automotive industry. By leveraging SERES' expertise in electric vehicle manufacturing and QSJ Motors' robust distribution network, they aim to introduce a range of intelligent electric vehicles to the Philippines. This initiative supports sustainable transportation solutions and aligns with the country’s environmental goals.

SERES Auto and QSJ Motors PH

Founded in 1986, SERES AUTO has been a leader in the automotive industry, specializing in new energy vehicles (NEVs). With a workforce of over 20,000 and recognition as one of China’s top 500 enterprises, SERES is known for its advanced e-powertrain technologies, including battery systems, electric drives, and electric controls.

SERES Auto and QSJ Motors PH

Versatile SERES 5: The Future of Electric Driving
The SERES 5 is a flexible electric car that comes in two versions: battery electric (BEV) and extended-range electric (EVR). It's designed to be stylish and efficient while balancing performance. The EVR version includes a range extender, giving drivers more flexibility for longer trips between charging stops. Packed with smart tech and connectivity options, the SERES 5 is all about delivering a great electric driving experience.

SERES Auto and QSJ Motors PH

SERES 7: Luxurious and Long-Range
The SERES 7 EVR is designed for those who love premium features, boasting a roomy, comfy interior packed with advanced tech. With its extended range, you can enjoy longer trips without worrying about running out of juice. It's a smart and stylish choice in the luxury electric vehicle category.

SERES Auto and QSJ Motors PH

The MF Platform: Leading SERES' Intelligent Transformation
The MF platform is at the heart of SERES' vision of "Intelligence redefining luxury." It integrates industry-leading safety performance, powertrain options, chassis, and software technologies to provide an easy-to-drive, customer-centric, and ultra-safe luxury driving experience.

SERES Auto and QSJ Motors PH

Comprehensive Safety: The MF platform introduces the industry's first comprehensive safety system, covering over 150 safety scenarios and incorporating more than 200 safety features and 40 advanced safety technologies, significantly elevating driving safety standards.

Versatile Power Options: It's the only platform in the industry compatible with range extenders, pure electric, and hybrid power forms, offering users diverse power options.

Flexible Space: The intelligent and flexible design allows for high customization and scalability across different vehicle models and types, from B-class to D-class, including sedans, SUVs, and MPVs. This ensures a wide range of consumer needs are efficiently met.

The MF platform supports SERES' commitment to user-centric luxury, featuring 100% complete SOA, over 1,300 API interfaces, and integration capabilities for more than 5,000 applications. With powerful OTA upgrade capabilities, it ensures the vehicle remains contemporary and highly functional.

SERES' Cutting-edge Range Extender Technology
SERES' range extender technology is a significant innovation in their electric vehicles. It extends the driving range by incorporating an additional generator that charges the battery when it runs low. This technology combines the convenience of electric power for city driving with the option of traditional fuel for longer trips, making it particularly suited for both urban commuting and long-distance travel in the Philippines.

SERES Auto and QSJ Motors PH

Intelligent Manufacturing and C.A.R.E Philosophy
The SERES Intelligent Super Smart Factory, built to Industry 4.0 standards, features over 5,000 intelligent pieces of equipment, achieving 100% automation of critical processes. With a new vehicle rolling out every 30 seconds and world-leading 9000-ton die-casting technology, the factory showcases exceptional manufacturing capabilities.

SERES continues to expand its global partnerships and plans to develop service systems, local sales companies, and overseas factories. The C.A.R.E philosophy, focused on upgrading the entire service system to provide intelligent services, aims to enhance the luxurious experience for users.

SERES is not only redefining luxury but also pushing the boundaries of intelligent driving. The introduction of these eco-friendly vehicles is set to make intelligent, sustainable transportation accessible to Filipino drivers. As SERES leads the automotive energy transformation, the future of driving in the Philippines promises to be brighter, greener, and more exciting.
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